ELAW Advocate, Autumn 2014
ELAW and Environment-People-Law look to an environmental act of peace in conflict-torn Ukraine. Read More

ELAW eBulletin Nobody likes trash. All over the world, we should produce less of it. Here in Eugene, we have good systems for reducing, re-using, and recycling waste. ELAW fellows from Mexico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia, and more have taken home valuable lessons from touring our local municipal solid waste operations. Read More

ELAW provides opportunities for you to make a difference and protect our environment. ELAW U.S. relies on the generous support of volunteers, interns, and pro bono experts to help public interest environmental advocates defend our global environment. We need volunteers, interns, and experienced pro bono experts with various skills and interests to expand our capacity to meet the information and resource needs of our partners. Learn More

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A new report published by the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide concludes that courts in several countries are poised to pursue climate justice. “Some people are profiting enormously from damaging the climate, while others will bear the costs of that climate damage,” says Jennifer Gleason, ELAW Staff Attorney. Jen led a research team of ELAW partners […] Read more

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