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When you make a donation to ELAW, you help us work with grassroots advocates around the world to protect the environment through law. With your help, public interest lawyers and scientists in 70 countries:

  • prevent toxic abuses before they shorten lives;
  • strengthen laws that protect communities and the environment;
  • give citizens a voice in decisions about the environment; and,
  • gain skills that make them stronger advocates.

Your gift makes it possible to give our partners the training, tools, and support they need to build a greener future.

Please consider making a donation today.

Recurring Gifts | Tribute Gifts | Fellowships | Gifts of Securities | Legacy Giving 

Recurring Gifts

Steady support allows us to provide our partners with the legal and scientific support they need, when they need it. Making gifts on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis is easy and convenient.  When you sign up to make recurring gifts, your gifts will be automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account at the level you determine.

You may set up recurring donations online or by contacting ELAW's Donor Liaison.

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

You can give a thoughtful gift that will honor someone you love and protect the environment we all share.  When you make a gift in honor of a friend or loved one, we will send you a receipt and send a beautiful card to the recipient.

You can make your gift online or by contacting ELAW's Donor Liaison


When you support an ELAW Fellow, you help that advocate gain skills and achieve greater impact.

ELAW Fellows are law students, young lawyers, experienced lawyers, and other professionals who come to Eugene, Oregon, to gain tools that will help them protect communities and prevent environmental abuses.  We tailor each ELAW Fellowship so the Fellow can work with the ELAW team on their priority projects and be even more effective when they return home.

A gift made to support a Fellowship today will build the capacity of an advocate to fight environmental battles for years to come.

With more resources from ELAW supporters like you, we can host more Fellows and help them protect communities and wild lands around the world.  A one-time gift will help us today, or you may also sign up for monthly donations.  You may also choose to sponsor a named Fellowship.

For more information about ways you can support our Fellowship program please contact ELAW's Donor Liaison.

Gifts of Securities

Thank you for considering a gift of securities.  We will use your contribution of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to prevent and challenge environmental abuses and to ensure citizens have a voice in decisions about the environment.  To make a gift of securities, please fill out our Gift Form and fax or mail it to Charles Schwab.

Have a question about gifting securities?  Please contact ELAW's Donor Liaison for more information.

Legacy Giving

Leave a lasting legacy.

With a planned gift to ELAW you can help ensure that ELAW's high impact work continues, while accomplishing your own personal financial and philanthropic goals.  Planned giving is the process of arranging for gifts to ELAW during your lifetime and/or at your death, based on your wishes and goals, and designed with your particular family and financial situation in mind.

Planned giving can be about more than including ELAW as a beneficiary of your will.  You can support ELAW in many ways while receiving financial benefits yourself.

For instance, did you know that ...

· You can make a gift using appreciated securities and realize larger tax savings than if you had used cash?
· You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime?
· You can make a gift that pays you income for life?
· You can turn surplus life insurance coverage into a gift?
· You can spare your children from tax liabilities by leaving your IRA to ELAW?

If you're planning to leave a lasting legacy through a gift to ELAW, we encourage you to tell us now.  That way, we can help you get the greatest possible satisfaction from your gift.  Please take a moment to review our Gift Acceptance Policy.

For assistance making a planned gift, please contact ELAW's Donor Liaison.