Aruba's Plastic Laws


National Regulation of 27 November 2019 prohibiting certain environmentally harmful products (National ordinance prohibition environmentally harmful products), 2019 No. 67

To protect the environment, in 2019, Aruba banned the import, manufacture, sale, or free distribution of a list of products made of plastic or polystyrene that are intended for single use. Id., Art. 2(1). The products include bags with handles (except those used for duty-free purchase at the airport), utensils including chopsticks, cups, stirrers, straw (except those used for medical purposes), plates, food packaging (with a few exceptions), and bags to be used for unwrapped fruit and vegetables. Id, Annex 1 (A) and (B). The ban came into effect on 1 July 2020. 

The law bans the release into the air of balloons or plastic confetti. Id., Art. 17.

[In addition, the law bans the import, manufacture, sale or free distribution of sunscreen that includes oxybenzone. Id., Art. 2(2) and Annex 1(C).]

In 2017, Aruba banned the use of plastic bags (Law no. 46 of 2016) with handles which are intended for single use. 

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