From Budapest to Eugene: ELAW Fellow Agnes Gajdics

Agnes Gajdics

She hikes, she ice skates, she blogs — but most importantly, Agnes Gajdics works long hours to protect the people and environment in her native Hungary.

Agnes is our current ELAW Fellow.  She is collaborating with ELAW staff to protect communities in Hungary from polluting coal mines, hazardous waste, and other environmental abuses.  She is also studying English at the University of Oregon’s American English Institute.

Agnes was selected for an ELAW Fellowship by Hungary’s strongest public interest environmental law organization, the Environmental Management and Law Association (EMLA), where she has worked since January 2009.  EMLA provides critical legal assistance to disadvantaged community groups and citizens in Hungary, winning victories to protect forests, parks, and wetlands.  EMLA celebrated recently when a natural protected area was eliminated as a potential site for a discarded car battery recycling facility!

Agnes will travel around the Pacific Northwest to learn about local environmental protection.  She will also participate in the 28th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon, February 25 – 28.

Many thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the American English Institute for supporting Agnes and the ELAW Fellowship program.

Find out more about Agnes and her ELAW Fellowship at her blog.

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