Natural Resource Contracts: A Practical Guide

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Why has ELAW written a guide to natural resource contracts?

Through the advocacy efforts of transparency and anti-corruption organizations, a growing number of governments are disclosing natural resource contracts to the public. As these contracts come to light, citizens are finally gaining the opportunity to understand how their resources are being managed and at what cost. The implications of natural resource contracts can be significant, not just in terms of revenue for the host country, but also in relation to land rights, access to water and housing, food security, and public health.

ELAW published this Guide to help public-interest advocates understand natural resource contracts. These agreements are complex and difficult to read, requiring knowledge of many areas of law and policy. The goal of this Guide is to explain common topics that are addressed in natural resource contracts and to provide suggestions for improving contracts that are vague or unfavorable to host countries. The Guide also includes references to additional resources that will be useful for advocates who want to learn more about particular topics and issues.

The Natural Resource Contract Guide

Natural Resource Contracts: A Practical Guide (Complete Text) (3.5MB, 64pp)

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Introduction and Acknowledgments