ELAW Network Group:

ELAW is a global alliance of more than 300 advocates in 80 countries working to defend human rights and protect the planet. These advocates share knowledge and information to advance law as a tool for justice.

The ELAW Network Group is a globally representative body that provides strategic guidance to the network. The ENG is responsible:

  • to advise the ELAW Network and the ELAW Secretariat on strategic issues;
  • to, review, refine, and recommend ELAW Network policies;
  • to decide the location of the ELAW International Annual Meetings;
  • to promote Network activities in the regions and reflect regional context in the global network; and
  • to report to the global network on the activities of the ENG and important developments in the regions at ELAW Annual Meetings.

The ENG meets quarterly by videoconference and in person, when possible, at ELAW International Annual Meetings.

March 2017, Eugene, Oregon, USA


ENG members are volunteers, affirmed at ELAW International Annual Meetings. ENG members serve 3-year terms. The ENG shall have one member from ELAW US, one member from North America and two members from each of the following regions, ideally representing different sub-geographic regions.

  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe