ELAW Fellow in the news

 Rahul Choudhary

June 27, 2013

Dear friends,

ELAW Fellow Rahul Choudhary has returned home to India, but his story lives on in Eugene.

Today, the Eugene Weekly featured Rahul's work in its lead story by Camilla Mortensen.

Yesterday, the Register Guard published a column about Rahul's work by Sriram Khé.

Rahul is an attorney with the Legal Initiative for Forest & Environment (LIFE), a non-profit organization based in Delhi. Rahul just completed an ELAW Fellowship and worked one-on-one with ELAW's Staff Lawyers and Staff Scientists.

ELAW is proud to work with dedicated grassroots advocates like Rahul all around the world. Many thanks for your support, which makes our work possible!


Michele Kuhnle
Donor Liaison
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

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