Factories Act, 1965 (selected sections)

Section 13. Disposal of wastes and effluents. -

(1) Effective arrangements shall be made in every factory for the disposal of wastes and effluents due to the manufacturing process carried on therein.

(2) The Government may make rules prescribing the arrangements to be made in accordance with sub-section (1) or requiring that the arrangement made in accordance with sub-section (1) shall be approved by such authority as may be prescribed.

Constitution of Bangladesh (selected provisions)

Constitution of Bangladesh


Article 31. Right to protection of law.

To enjoy the protection of the law, and to be treated in accordance with law, and only in accordance with law, is the inalienable right of every citizen, wherever he may be, and of every other person for the time being within Bangladesh, and in particular no action detrimental to the life, liberty, body, reputation or property of any person shall be taken except in accordance with law.

Nurul Islam v. Government of Bangladesh, WP 1825 of 1999 (2000.02.07) (Tobacco Advertising Case)

High Court Division
(Special Original Jurisdiction)
Mohammad Fazlul Karim and Md. Abdud Wahhab Miah, JJ

Writ Petition No. 1825 of 1999
Writ Petition No. 4521 of 1999
Professor Nurul Islam
............... Petitioners
in W. P. No. 1825/99

Mr. Alhaj Nur Mohammad and others
....... Petitioners

in both the Writ Petitioners

Date of Judgment : The 7th February, 2000
Result : Both the Rule absolute with directions


Mohammad Fazlul Karim, J:

Biodiversity and Community Knowledge Protection Act


29 September of 1998 Text proposed by the National Committee on Plant Genetic Resources

The National Committee on Plant Genetic Resources (NCPGR) has prepared the following text. This is the fourth and the final-draft and the result of an intensive participatory process involving internal consultation among the committee members. The final meeting took place on September 10, 1998 and the final draft incorporated suggestions of the meeting for further improvement of the text.

Farooque vs Government of Bangladesh, WP 92 of 1996 (1996.07.01) (Radioactive Milk Powder Case)

Dr Mohiuddin Farooque
Secretary, Ministry of Commerce,
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Others

Reported in: The South Asian Environmental Law Reporter Vol. 3 (4) Dec 1996

Supreme Court of Bangladesh, High Court Division
(Special Original Jurisdiction)
Writ Petition No. 92 of 1996

Before: Kazi Ebadul Hoque, J.
Amirul Kabir Chodhury, J.

Argued: 18 and 19 June 1996.

Decided: 1 July 1996


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