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Rwanda: Plastic Law

Law No. 17/2019 Relating to the Prohibition of Manufacturing, Importation, Use and Sale of Plastic Carry Bags and Single-Use Plastic Items


Rwanda’s Law No. 17/2019 adopted 10 August 2019 and came into force upon publishing on 23 September 2019.  Repeals Law No. 57/2008.

Cosmo Trust v. City of Harare, Administrative Court of Zimbabwe (Harare) (22 March 2019)

“[O]ur Constitution gives every Zimbabwean the right to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations.  That is done through legislative and other measures that prevent ecological degradation, promote conservation and secure ecological sustainable development.  Ecologically sustainable development ensures that all living creatures, including birds, are enableed to meet their needs from the environment we rely on.


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