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Taiwan's Plastic Laws

  • Restrictions on the Manufacture, Import, and Sale of Personal Care and Cosmetics Products Containing Plastic Microbeads (in Chinese or English

This order, adopted under Article 21 of the Waste Disposal Act, bans the manufacture, import, and sale of cosmetic products used for bathing and washing hair, facial scrubs, and toothpaste if they contain plastic microbeads.


Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn. BHD v. Hue Shieh Lee

Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn. BHD v. Hue Shieh Lee  (21 October 2016)
Malaysia Court of Appeal
[Decision upheld on appeal - summary below]

Hue Shieh Lee is a resident of Bukit Koman and Vice President of a community organization formed to look after the health and welfare of residents impacted by a gold-processing facility operated by Raub Australian Gold Mining (Raub).

Raub filed a defamation claim against Hue Shieh Lee for statements she made about the company in two published news articles.


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