TypeTopicCountries and RegionsDate of the Resource
Philippines -- Executive Order No. 247 (English)LawsGenetic Resources
Philippines -- Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Prospecting of Biological and Genetic Resources, Dept. Admin. Order No. 96-20LawsGenetic Resources
Chile -- Reglamento del Sistema de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental (español)LawsEnvironmental Impact AssessmentSouth America
Second Young Lawyer`s Training Workshop, Complete WorkbookOther Resources
Brazil -- Draft Law on Access to Genetic ResourcesLawsGenetic ResourcesSouth America
India -- Draft Rules Under the Biodiversity Act.(2002)LawsBiological diversitySouth Asia
Georgia -- Constitution (English)LawsConstitutionsCentral Asia and Caucasus
Bolivia -- Regimen Comum de Acceso a los Recursos Genticos (Decreto Supremo No. 24676) (Español)LawsGenetic ResourcesSouth America
Brazil -- Acesso à Biodiversidade (Amapá, Brazil) (Português)LawsGenetic ResourcesSouth America
Technical guidelines for the identification and environmentally sound management of plastic wastes and for their disposal (683 kb)General PublicationsPlastics and plastic waste
Brazil -- Acesso à Recursos Genéticos (Acré, Brazil) (Português)LawsGenetic ResourcesSouth America
Georgia -- Law on the System of Protected Territories (English)LawsCoastal and Marine Issues | Protected areas | Protected AreasCentral Asia and Caucasus
Georgia -- Law on State Environmental Assessment (English)LawsEnvironmental Impact Assessment | Laws from around the WorldCentral Asia and Caucasus
Disposal of bulk quantities of obsolete pesticides in developing countriesGeneral PublicationsPesticides
Guide to Public Participation in Environmental Matters in Mexico, the United States of America and Canada (English)General PublicationsConstitutions | Public participation | Public ParticipationNorth America
Belize -- Macal River Hydroelectric Development Bill, 2003 (Chalillo Dam)LawsDamsCentral America
Peru -- Ley de Prevencion de Riesgos Derivados del Uso de la Biotecnologia (español)LawsSouth America
U.S. -- Eugene, Oregon Toxics Right-to-Know, municipal law (English)LawsAccess to InformationNorth America
Canada -- Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia (SLAPP information)Corporations | SLAPP SuitsNorth America
Sudan -- Constitution of Sudan and other laws (English and Arabic)Constitutions
Canada -- Summary of mining law requirements