TypeTopicCountries and RegionsDate of the Resource
India -- Vellore Citizens Welfare Forum vs. Union of India, WP 914/1991 (1996.08.28) (Tamil Nadu Tanneries case)CasesAudits (environmental audits) | Precautionary PrincipleSouth Asia
Tanzania -- Rev. Christopher Mtikila v. the Attorney General, Civil Case No. 5 of 1993 (High Court of Tanzania) (Ruling)CasesStanding | StandingSub-Saharan Africa
Peru -- Ley de Prevencion de Riesgos Derivados del Uso de la Biotecnologia (español)LawsSouth America
Sri Lanka -- Bulankulama v. Min. of Industrial Development (Eppawala case), S.C. Application No. 884/99 (F/R)CasesConservation Easements | Constitutions | Public Trust DoctrineSouth Asia
U.S. -- Eugene, Oregon Toxics Right-to-Know, municipal law (English)LawsAccess to InformationNorth America
India -- Chalakudy Puzha Samrakshna Samithy "Chithanya" v. State of Kerala, OP 3581/2001 (2001.10.17)CasesDams | Environmental Impact AssessmentSouth Asia
Chile -- sentencia del Rol número 245 y 246 (acumulados) (Dec 2,1996) (public access to beaches) CasesCoastal and Marine Issues | BeachesChile | South America
Costa Rica -- Tortugas Marinas: Voto 1999CasesAudits (environmental audits) | Constitutions | Precautionary PrincipleCentral America
Jamaica -- Club Hotel RIU Montego Bay (December 2006)EIAsConstruction | Environmental Impact AssessmentCaribbean
Belize -- Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (2007) -- Statutory Instrument 24 of 2007LawsEnvironmental Impact AssessmentCentral America
Canada -- Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia (SLAPP information)Corporations | SLAPP SuitsNorth America
Sudan -- Constitution of Sudan and other laws (English and Arabic)Constitutions
Canada -- Summary of mining law requirements