TypeTopicCountries and RegionsDate of the Resource
Disposal of bulk quantities of obsolete pesticides in developing countriesGeneral PublicationsPesticides
Guide to Public Participation in Environmental Matters in Mexico, the United States of America and Canada (English)General PublicationsConstitutions | Public participation | Public ParticipationNorth America
Belize -- Macal River Hydroelectric Development Bill, 2003 (Chalillo Dam)LawsDamsCentral America
Tanzania -- Rev. Christopher Mtikila v. the Attorney General, Civil Case No. 5 of 1993 (High Court of Tanzania) (Ruling)CasesStanding | StandingSub-Saharan Africa
Peru -- Ley de Prevencion de Riesgos Derivados del Uso de la Biotecnologia (español)LawsSouth America
Sri Lanka -- Bulankulama v. Min. of Industrial Development (Eppawala case), S.C. Application No. 884/99 (F/R)CasesConservation Easements | Constitutions | Public Trust DoctrineSouth Asia
U.S. -- Eugene, Oregon Toxics Right-to-Know, municipal law (English)LawsAccess to InformationNorth America
Chile -- sentencia del Rol número 245 y 246 (acumulados) (Dec 2,1996) (public access to beaches) CasesCoastal and Marine Issues | BeachesChile | South America
Costa Rica -- Tortugas Marinas: Voto 1999CasesAudits (environmental audits) | Constitutions | Precautionary PrincipleCentral America
Jamaica -- Club Hotel RIU Montego Bay (December 2006)EIAsConstruction | Environmental Impact AssessmentCaribbean
Belize -- Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (2007) -- Statutory Instrument 24 of 2007LawsEnvironmental Impact AssessmentCentral America
Canada -- Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia (SLAPP information)Corporations | SLAPP SuitsNorth America
Sudan -- Constitution of Sudan and other laws (English and Arabic)Constitutions
Canada -- Summary of mining law requirements