TypeTopicCountries and RegionsDate of the Resource
Peru-- Ley sobre la conservación y aprovechamiento sostenible de la diversidad biológicaLawsBiological diversitySouth America
Nigeria -- Gas Flare Study of Obiafu/Obrikom Gas Recycling Plant, Ebocha Oil Centre, Oshi Flowstation and Akri Flowstation (Chapter 3 Background Information)General Publications
Germany -- Federal Nature Conservation Act of 25 March 2002LawsAnimal welfareWestern Europe
Bangladesh -- Biodiversity and Community Knowledge Protection ActLawsBiological diversity
Germany -- Gesetz zum Schutz des Bodens (17. März 1998)LawsWestern Europe
Sri Lanka -- National Policy on Sand as a Resource for the Construction Industry (DRAFT)LawsSand, gravel and aggregate mining
Paraguay -- Request for Inspection of Yacryeta DamOther ResourcesInternational Finance InstitutionsSouth America
Brazil -- Inspection Panel Request (World Bank) by the National Forum for Land Reform and Rural Justice (Land Reform and Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project) (No. 4147 BR)Other ResourcesInspection Panel | International Finance InstitutionsSouth America
Nigeria -- Gas Flare Study of Obiafu/Obrikom Gas Recycling Plant, Ebocha Oil Centre, Oshi Flowstation and Akri Flowstation (Executive Summary to Chapter 2 – Materials and Methods)General Publications
Mexico -- Municipal waste landfill guidelines - NOM 083-96 LawsLandfillsNorth America
China -- Request for Inspection (World Bank) by the International Campaign for Tibet (China Western Poverty Reduction Project) (June 18, 1999)World Bank | Petitions | International Finance InstitutionsCentral Asia and Caucasus
Liberia -- Environmental Protection and Management Law of Liberia (April 30, 2003)Environmental laws (general/framework laws)Sub-Saharan Africa
Spain -- Access to Justice in Spain Under the Aarhus ConventionGeneral PublicationsAccess to JusticeWestern Europe
Ecuador: Ley de los Derechos Colectivos de los Pueblos AfroecuatorianosLawsHuman Rights | Indigenous PeoplesSouth America
Australia -- Fisheries Act 1994 LawsFisheriesPacific
Swaziland -- Waste Regulations 2000LawsEnvironmental Impact Assessment | Municipal waste | Industrial waste | Waste
Nicaragua -- Special Law For The Conduct Of Lawsuits Filed By Persons Affected By The Use Of Pesticides Manufactured With A DBCP Base (English Translation)LawsCorporations | Forum Non-Conveniens | Forum non-conveniensCentral America
Ecuador -- Reglamento General de Aplicacion de la Ley de Regimen Especial para la Conservacion y Desarrollo Sustentable de la Provincia de Galapagos (Decreto Ejecutivo No. 1657. RO/ 358 de 11 de Enero del 2000)LawsCoastal and Marine Issues | Protected areas | Protected AreasSouth America
UN -- Report of the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination in this contextGeneral PublicationsHuman Rights
Cell Phone Towers: Health effects - EspañolOther ResourcesElectromagnetic Radiation
Urban Air Quality Management Strategy in Asia (675 kb)General Publicationsemissions controls
South Africa -- National Environmental Management Act Act 107 of 1998LawsStanding | Standing
African Civil Society Position of the African NGO Forum -- To the African Ministerial Prepcom in Preparation for the WSSDOther ResourcesCourts | Sustainable Development
Emission factors for Anthracite Coal CombustionGeneral PublicationsCoal and gas power plants
International Pipeline AccidentsGeneral Publications