Environmental Impact Assessment

Australian Conservation Foundation v. Minister for Planning

Environmental groups challenged an amendment to the provisions of a local planning scheme that was necessary for the expansion of the Hazelwood coal mine in southeastern Australia. The petitioners claimed that the environment effects statement (EES) should have included analysis of the impacts of carbon emissions when the coal is later burned. The terms of reference for the EES stated that “[t]he Panel is not to consider matters related to greenhouse gas emissions from the Hazelwood Power Station - these issues are being addressed through a separate process. ”


M.P. Patil v. Union of India

M.P. Patil v. Union of India, Appeal No. 12/2012 (March 13, 2014)
National Green Tribunal

Un ciudadano local impugnó la autoridad ambiental otorgada por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Bosques que aprobó una súper central eléctrica de energía térmica 3x800MW en el Distrito de Bijapur, Karnataka.


Del. Riverkeeper Network v. Fed. Energy Regulatory Comm'n

Del. Riverkeeper Network v. Fed. Energy Regulatory Comm'n, No. 13-1015 (D.C. Cir. 2014)
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

El dueño de un gasoducto presentó cuatro propuestas a la Comisión Federal Reguladora de Energía (FERC, por sus siglas en inglés) pidiendo permiso para actualizar distintas porciones del trayecto de un gasoducto que transporta gas natural.  Las actualizaciones, colectivamente equivalen a una revisión completa del sistema de gasoducto.


Save Mon Region Federation v. Union of India

Save Mon Region Federation v. Union of India, Appeal No. 39 of 2012
National Green Tribunal (April 7, 2016)

The Save Mon Region Federation, on behalf of the Monpa indigenous community, challenged the environmental clearance granted for the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Naymjang Chhu River.  The Federation pointed to faults in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure and a lack of close scrutiny of the project by the expert appraisal committee (EAC).



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